The Intelligent lifestyle

 Life is all about perspectives and what you feed your mind is what you’ll get. We all believe in certain things, whether as Christian, Moslem, Bhudist or even atheist. Although some people hate to admit it, we tend to rely on our irrational instincts more than we think. Phsyologists say people generally depend on their beliefs … Continue reading

Why every bee has a job and non is miserable

Humans dumber than bees? One western economist is rearing bees with an aim of studying their economy. He’s sole goal is to discover how humans can borrow ideas from the insects’ system. Bees have a perfect society where each knows its duty and non is poor. Imagine a society as perfect as that one, where … Continue reading

For crying out loud

A building design is not food that you just order out of a menu or because somebody’s choice looks good. In Juba, it is the case. Many are hiring not so well qualified builders to copy and paste already existing designs. Zero site analysis, improper orientation of buildings and almost no personal taste. Many Architects … Continue reading

Sustaining Peace

By Kayanga Nelson “Pablo Picasso said everything you can imagine is real; let’s imagine a peaceful world.” To sustain peace we need to teach it. Can there be a world full of peace loving individuals some day? I believe so but first we need to find new un1derstandings of the subject. What is peace? Generally … Continue reading

The Lack of Arsenal’s Giggs

By Kayanga Nelson Although I hate to admit it, Arsenal is no longer a great club. Their style of entertaining which won them millions of fans, is soon to end. Following are some reasons why the prodigious club will continue to miss trophies. The lack of veteran players If you observe clubs like Barcelona and … Continue reading


Future of world leadership   By Kayanga Nelson Governments all over the world are trying so hard to provide the best for their citizens but are failing to tackle key issues. Politics is now more of a business than what we think it is. If you ask me, I think the world is going to … Continue reading

the future is the past

Civilization has changed the face of our earth and contributed to the current global problems. We started off as the early man in the stone age as suggested by historians and went on to develop into the homo sapient (modern man). Early man had a freaking simple life, I am talking about walking naked, eating … Continue reading


A young lady once said, “When we were five years old, we were asked what we would like to become and our answers were things like; Cowboy, astronaut and for my case, a princess. Five years later when we were posed with the same question the answers changed to; rock star, soccer star and in … Continue reading


the pendulum

The seed of luck

Its seven thirty in the evening, I’m just from work trekking along a street when a bright light flashes behind me. Its arabia muasalat (simple Arabic for a commercial mini bus used for public transportation) standing between another pedestrian and I!  Hurriedly, its last seat is taken by me despite the fact that it was the other … Continue reading